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Wake Up Together

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This site is no longer being updated.

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June 26-30, 2013

WKUP Retreat at Mountain Lamp

A Peer-facilitated (2 Order of Interbeing Members and one aspirant, all with years of experience in the practice and community building) Wake Up Retreat is being held at Mountain Lamp, Deming WA, about 2 hours from Seattle and Vancouver. Dharma Teacher Eileen Kiera will offer practice support and guidance.

Here is a link to Mountain Lamps registration page which also includes more information.


March 2013

2013 retreat at DP

We have offered two Wake Up Retreats this month, one at Blue Cliff Monastery, NY and one at Deer Park Monastery, CA.

Enjoy the video talks and sharing from the BE FREE retreat at Blue Cliff - click here!

Get a feeling for the Waking up to the Wonders of Life retreat at Deer Park through a slideshow - click here!

December 7, 2012

The fruits of this past Wake Up tour in the Pacific Northwest are still ripening!

earth in two hands

We have the official report on our Tour Blog, this report was writing to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation and it's members, who are the one's financially supporting this tour and all the transformational stories. Enjoy the Blog!

The video clips including panel sharings on the practice of mindfulness as well as music is being posted on You Tube - on the Wake Up Together US.

Brother Phap Dung wrote wonderful letter on how to relate to and practice during the Holidays. You can read it and offer your inputs! The letter is posted on the Deer Park Monastery Website!

November 2, 2012

Wake Up USA is continuing to sprout, offering opportunities for young adults to practice mindfulness together, bringing happiness, health and compassion into many lives and into society. Groups in Eugene, Portland, Seattle and maybe Bellingham is going since the recent Wake Up Tour in the Pacific Northwest. Much material was also collected during this three week tour and we are editing and putting more resources up regularly on You Tube, wakeuptogetherus. Some great news is that a group of monastic and lay friends are looking into all the request we have received for Wake Up events and a tour in the Mid-West. It seems that there might be a tour happening possibly in September 2013.

Here is a mindful music video " Breathe in, breathe out" with photos from the Tour in OR and WA:

October 12, 2012

Our Tour Blog is up and running. You can find recent post from 4 of our Wake Up Tour Team and we hope to continue for the rest of our tour. The last blog speaks about us sitting at red square in the middle of University of Washington a couple of days ago.

Sitting in Red Square UWHere is an excerpt of the last blog: So many students. So many students walking. Walking walking walking. So many bodies flowing. Flowing, flowing, flowing.

As our tour group approaches the Red Square on the University of Washington campus, we are caught in the flow of moving bodies. It is lunch time, class has just let out, and now students are pouring in from all different directions. It's like when you accidentally step on an ant pile, when thousands of ants come pouring out of nowhere, going in different directions, chaotically trying to achieve their purpose and still flowing together at the same time. To read our blogs - click here!

October 3, 2012

We are very happy to let you know that we now have a number of sharings and fun videos from the ongoing Pacific Northwest Tour available on You Tube.

September 27, 2012

Flashmob Meditation - sit and walk at University of Oregon. The tour has started! We will post more photos (on Facebook Wake Up USA) and video clips (on You Tube: wakeuptogetherus) as the tour goes along.

An article from the Eugene Daily News available online! We don't know where they got their picture from though...

sit at UofO monasticssit at UofO circle

September 21, 2012

See the touring group of monastics and lay introduce this coming tour in OR & WA:

September 15, 2011

As preparation for a future Wake Up Tour ripen, let's stop and enjoy a Wake Up Tour of the past, enjoying our breathing here and now.


August 11, 2012

PNW Tour 2012 headWe're all moving on a journey to nowhere, taking it easy taking it slow.

A group of monastic and committed lay friends are setting up the events for this coming tour. There will be two 2-day non-residential retreats in Porland, OR (Oct 7-8) and Seattle, WA (Oct 13 -14). We will also have a weekend in Eugene, OR, one day of mindfulness in nature and one at the university.

This tour will offer opportunities for already practicing young adults to continue on the path and develop more confidence and togetherness. This will help in establishing ongoing Wake Up Groups/Sanghas in many locations. A clear aspiration with the tour is also to open the door to mindfulness practice to new people as well.

We remember that some aspects of the mission of Wake Up is:

  • Wake Up is a community of young Dharma practitioners who want to help their
    society - a society overloaded with intolerance, discrimination, craving, anger
    and despair.
  • Wake Up offers us a way to pool our energy and act in synchrony. Let us get together and form a Wake Up group in our own town.
  • You can join the Wake Up Movement as a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, an agnostic or an atheist. The practice of maitri, of loving kindness,
    the practice of sisterhood and brotherhood, is at the foundation of the Dharma.


July 21, 2012

A group of monastic and lay friends have started to plan for the coming Wake Up Tour in the Pacific North West (OR & WA) this fall. The tentative dates for the tour is September 29 - October 14. We will post regular updates. If you would like to help us in this adventure, please contact our Tour Team, by e-mail.


June 13, 2012

Here are some input from friends attending the retreat Rejuvenating our Mother at Deer Park Monastery, Escondido, CA and some pictures:

Some highlights:

  • the walking meditation, eating meditation, the bells
  • I hiked up to the shine and Buddha statue by myself and had some time to sit on a rock and just enjoy the view, the quiet, and the energy.
  • I really enjoyed dharma sharing. I wish we would have had more than 2 opportunities to meet with our dharma groups. I wasn't expecting to have to/want to open up so much of myself and it was really nice.
  • The second day of Touching the Earth (with the short ritual about ancestors) was very powerful.
  • Qi Gong in the mornings was awesome.
  • I loved Dharma Sharing (group discussion) and the Q+A.
  • Nighttime sitting meditation was also excellent.
  • Both hikes were wonderful.
  • Waking up to ringing bells, the light rain, hearing the monks and nuns sing
  • going to sleep in silence in a tent
  • Sharing circles were really helpful and sweet.


Some challanges:


  • Interestingly enough, as I'm usually pretty social, the socializing was the hardest. Coming to a place of introspection during meditation collided with everyday life.
  • In terms of practice, eating meditation was difficult.
  • Sitting meditations were difficult because it was kind of painful and uncomfortable. My whole body seemed to hurt halfway into them and it was hard to keep going to them knowing I'd feel that way.
  • Knowing the difficulty I would have bringing the peace I found at Deer Park home with me. I struggle with finding a quiet place in my house, I struggle with being able to get to Sangha meetings, it is just really hard to restructure life in a way that doesn't actually become more stressful.
  • As my head began to slow down, I was able to be more aware of my bad dreams. I found these dreams and my emotions about them to be very difficult and challenging to accept and take care of.


Thoughts about Wake Up:

  • i feel that i would like to be part of a movement with spirituality at it's core
  • I enjoyed the energy of the group during the Wake Up panel really seemed like we were all awake, interested and ready to put our practice into action.


April 27, 2012

During the past Wake Up Tour in California we hosted 8 events at Universities, 4 events at Dharma Centers, 6 public meditation events, 1 event with a high-school and 1 event at a detention center. We practiced mindfulness together with a total of 850 people during the 16 days. In total the tour cost $9,300. This includes renting and using two vans ($2,800), food for 10 people ($1,000) - we did receive much food offerings on the way, lodging $0 - we stayed with kind friends during the tour; pamphlets, posters, online advertizing and printing of shirts and bags for local Wake Up community builders $3,700. Thanks to the kindness of the Deer Park Monastery we were able to offer 7 Wake Up starting kits to local community builders. The kit include a mindfulness bell, books on basic practice, community building and guided meditation.  (the photo was taken in Oakland at the peace monument - the Wake Up Tour Group together with our teacher - Thich Nhat Hanh)

We are very grateful for all the support we received and we thank you for your continued support, so that we can continue to bring the practice of mindfulness, happiness and peace to young people in society.

Click here to make a tax deductible donation!


April 15, 2012

The events for the Wake Up California Tour came to a close today, April 15.

The Day at UC Berkeley was held in a gymnasium with 50 participants. There walk at UC Berkeleywill be a continued Wake Up events, organized by local friends in San Diego, Los Angeles, UC Merced, South Bay and SF/East Bay area. To find out more about these coming events you can contact us. We are very grateful for the support of so many friends along the way during this tour. We are also very grateful to have been able to practice and share with so many young adults in different contexts: university events, events at Dharma Centers, event at high school and detention center, and public events. We are also grateful for all donations that has come in to support this and coming tours. The Wake Up Movement in the US is only starting to Wake Up and we hope to be able to offer more events, tours and resources for your practice in the times to come.

April 12, 2012

The Wake Up Group sends greetings from Hayward, CA. This evening we spent with around 50 Young Buddhist at the Temple that is hosting us here in the Bay Area. The group of 10 (3 nuns, 3 monks, 2 women and 2 men) traveling together are supporting each other in many ways and taking turns in sharing the practices and leading activities. We are learning so much from each other and are very grateful to encounter so many great young people throughout California. Our event at UC Merced on Tuesday surprised us as we had 50 participants for the evening, even if only 20 had signed up. In only 3 hours we were able to touch happiness, peace and togetherness in addition to learning ways to continue our practice. We are continuing to upload some sharings from this tour and tomorrow we are looking forward to a conversation (that we will record) between Meredith, vegan chef and yoga teacher and Marc newly graduated Oriental Medical Doctor and yoga teacher about food and healthy living as young meditation practitioners. For now we would like to offer you the sharing from our day last Saturday at USC, which includes Praween (from Wake Up Austin) sharing about dealing with strong emotions and Sister Nho Nghiem about how to practice in the University setting and how to bike peacefully through SouthCentral LA.

Wake Up @ USC (7/4) from Plum Village Online Monastery on Vimeo.

April 5, 2012

The Wake Up Tour hosted an evening together with Against the Stream in Santa Monica, with the theme MC21: Meditation in the City/Community in the 21st century. There was a panel presentation with Matthew Brentsilver (ATS), Sr Boi Nghiem (Wake Up), Pablo Das (ATS) and Brother Phap Ho (Wake Up). Here is one of the sharing. You can find the others on Vimeo. We are continuing the tour in happiness and peace.

Wake Up @ Against the Stream from Plum Village Online Monastery on Vimeo.

April 2, 2012

Greetings! The tour is underway and we’ve completed a series of joyous events in San Diego. It’s been a mix of smiles, sunshine and solidity, interacting with young adults in day-long workshops and evening sitting/walking events. Below are a couple pictures, one after the San Diego City College event, and the next a local community gathering for Wake Up San Diego sangha helpers:

Group SDCC Wake Up Together

Some highlights to share from the week’s events:

One of the local sangha members made a trip to Deer Park on Sunday to receive the 5 mindfulness trainings, and came back to share his experience with a group of us at San Diego City College.

The brothers were greeted on the morning of April 1st with green milk complements of a sneaky April Fools prankster. In the evening, the sisters received a similar treatment.

After a couple full days we enjoyed a lazy Monday, spending the afternoon at Cabrillo National Monument and then sharing a home-cooked vegan meal all together while watching the sunset over the Ocean.

Our last event in SD was on Tuesday, and we had a packed house at the Dharma Bums temple; every seat was taken and we had two floors of eager friends.

Thank you to everyone who has come out to see us, support us, and breathe with us. We’ll continue the momentum in LA!



Come join monastic and lay students of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh as we host free mindfulness events across California.

We'll be traveling from March 31 to April 15 bringing the practice of mindfulness to major universities. We will also organize public sessions of sitting and walking meditation (open to all), organize events with other meditation centers, and more.

We will start in San Diego March 31 - April 3, Los Angeles April 4 - 9, Merced April 10, Bay Area April 11 - 15. For more information about the events during the tour, click here!


This spring, March 31-April 15 a group of monks, nuns and layfriends, all young adults, all students of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh will travel from San Diego, via Los Angeles, via Merced to the Bay Area. We will offer mindfulness workshops and major universities, bring the practice of sitting and walking meditation to public places and more. We hope to practice breathing and smiling together with many young adults during this tour. Please join us!


Sr Brightness shares in her very own way her path of learning to handle strong emotions. She clearly describes how we handle strong emotions normally and teaches us an alternative. She illustrates this with stories about Harry Potter, apple juice and slimy monsters.
This talk was given on 26 Oct 2011 to high school students of The School for Ethics and Global Leadership during a Wake Up tour in the east coast of the USA with young monastics and lay friends.

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